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Driving under the influence of alcohol in Colorado, commonly referred to as a DUI, is a crime taken very seriously by the state. This is because it’s a crime that can endanger the public.

But what if the public isn’t the only ones endangered by a DUI? The children who are riding in a car with someone who is guilty of committing a DUI offense can also be put in

In the 1980s, many states – including Colorado – created legislation that began to enhance sentencing for certain drug crimes based on where the crimes were committed. It is the birth of this type of legislation that gave us Drug-Free Zones.

The idea behind Drug-Free Zones is to discourage the commission of crimes in places where children are more likely to be present, such as schools. However, Colorado doesn’t simply

Sometimes things happen quickly before you can think. Instinct kicks in. The problem is: An action you may not have intended to take could land you in serious trouble in Colorado – and end in charges that include domestic violence as an aggravating factor.

The truth is that normal people end up with domestic violence charges all the time. It’s not simply one type of person or certain couples that

The idea of incest in the law seems like a fairly straightforward one. But in Colorado, incest has a bit of a different definition – one that not everyone may be familiar with.

You may think you know what incest and aggravated incest are, but it’s important for the sake of clarity to really understand how the state of Colorado sees these crimes. This will help you know what sorts