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Colorado is a state that has made major strides regarding drug crimes. Many drug crimes have been decriminalized, and the state has worked hard to recognize that drug addiction and abuse aren’t issues that will be solved with prison time.

This is why you may find if you’re accused of a drug crime that the court sentences you not to time in jail but to drug rehabilitation. This court-ordered rehab

Probation and parole are two things you’ve likely heard of – at least on television and in movies. But these two terms are more than just something that’s a part of your favorite show. They’re also something that many people across Colorado have to deal with on a daily basis.

While probation and parole are alternatives to time in jail or prison, they can still be a threat to someone’s

Domestic violence in Colorado is a serious offense. If you are convicted, then it can have a lasting impact on your life. Not only will you have a criminal record, but the domestic violence addition to the underlying offense can make the penalties you face even worse.

How does the state of Colorado define domestic violence and what has to be proven in court in order to secure a conviction

Have you ever heard of pandering? In Colorado, pandering can be a very serious crime, whether you’re familiar with it or not.

An accusation of pandering can ruin your relationships, tank your career, and destroy your reputation. That’s why it’s vital to not only understand what it is and how you can be charged with it – but also what the outcome can be if you are found guilty, and