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When people are charged with DUIs in Colorado, they can feel like there’s no hope. After all, the laws regarding DUIs in Colorado are quite complex. Without an understanding of the law, it can all seem pretty daunting.

There are so many variables at play in a drunk driving case that the charges and penalties greatly differ, as well. It’s important to understand what you are being charged with so

Even though drug laws have changed in the state of Colorado, there are many other laws regarding drug crimes still on the books that remain very serious. Drug trafficking is one of those drug crimes.

If you are accused of drug trafficking in Colorado, then you must understand not only the charges the state is bringing against you and what the laws are – but also your rights in the

It’s not uncommon for people who are facing criminal charges to wonder if they really need a lawyer. After all, hiring an experienced attorney can be costly, and many domestic violence cases involve victims that may not even want to press charges. So is it really that serious?

The truth is that a Colorado domestic violence conviction brings with it serious consequences that can impact the rest of your life.