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The War on Drugs is still alive and well in America, even with the legalization of recreational marijuana in over a dozen states – including right here. Weed might be legal, but lots of other drugs aren’t, and even first-time possession charges could result in jail time or fees.


If you are caught with drugs in Colorado, however, you won’t face just one set of penalties. The specific


Long after you have completed your sentence for a criminal conviction, your criminal record will come back to haunt you in nearly every aspect of your life, including employment, housing, loans, and higher education.


Moreover, criminal records are maintained in public databases, meaning that anyone with an internet connection and the desire to snoop can access embarrassing details of a past mistake that you would prefer to put


The law in Colorado protects children under the age of 16 years old from emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, and it is something that law enforcement officials in our state take very seriously. As a result, if you are charged, you will be facing incredibly severe consequences, and you need to understand what you are up against.


Below, we’re going to cover how state laws define child abuse,


Assault is a quite-serious offense involving knowingly or recklessly causing bodily injury or threatening to cause serious bodily injury. Depending on the circumstances of the alleged offense, you could be charged with felony or misdemeanor assault, leaving you with a criminal record of violent crime, and potentially with the lifelong consequences of being a convicted felon.


On the flip side, you are allowed under Colorado law to defend


Colorado does not have a standalone statute or charge dedicated to domestic violence. After all, domestic violence cannot be defined by one single action.


Instead, domestic violence (DV) is a broad term that is separated into a handful of categories. Physical violence is just one type of domestic violence, and is not the only type of DV that is against Colorado law.


In other words, even if