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Colorado has a reputation for legalizing certain amounts of some controlled substances. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s a free-for-all in the state when it comes to drug possession. In fact, there are some severe consequences to drug possession in Colorado.

Even though it is only a misdemeanor to possess four or fewer grams of some controlled substances in Colorado, it is still illegal to possess other controlled substances in

Colorado has been making strides in recent years to help decriminalize drugs, especially now that marijuana is legal both for medicinal and recreational use. However, at this time, Colorado is taking things a step further to help keep those who are charged with drug crimes out of the court system altogether. They’re doing so through a new recovery diversion program.

According to the District Attorney in Aurora, recovery diversion programs

Even though certain drugs in Colorado are considered legal recreationally, such as marijuana, that doesn’t mean the state doesn’t prosecute drug crimes. In fact, in Colorado, it is still illegal to sell, possess, use, or manufacture many controlled substances.

Still, there are some circumstances under which a person who is found guilty of a drug crime for the first time can escape a jail sentence.

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Prescription drugs are a modern-day marvel. They can alleviate pain, fight disease, even save lives. However, prescription drug crimes are serious business in Colorado, and the penalties can be quite severe.

Drug Laws in Colorado

The criminal statutes in Colorado involving drugs are complex. Prior to 2013, Colorado did not have a special classification and penalty system for drug crimes. In late 2013, changes were made to the laws, and


College is a rite of passage for nearly half the US population. Getting a degree, whether it’s an associate’s degree for a trade or a 4-year degree from an Ivy League, can unlock tens of thousands of dollars a year in earning potential.


At the same time, most people who are looking to go to college in the future are still young and prone to youthful indiscretions. This