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Recently, jails in Colorado have been coming under fire for their prison guards’ use of excessive force against inmates. In a number of incidents—many of which were caught on tape—inmates suffered a variety of physical injuries, from bruising and broken bones to asphyxiation and death, at the hands of overzealous guards.


Some of the incidents currently in question include: use of excessive or unwarranted tasing, shoving inmates through doors,

“I’m too rich” may soon be on its way out as a criminal defense, at least in California. That’s because California Assemblyman Mike Gatto has introduced a bill that would prevent attorneys from using the controversial idea of “affluenza” as a defense or mitigating factor in criminal cases.


Affluenza, for those who haven’t heard the buzzword, is essentially the idea that extremely wealthy young people can’t be held responsible

Tucked away in the back of Macy’s flagship store in New York City, there is a room that looks more like a jail than a wing of a department store.With wooden benches and holding cells, this room – eerily dubbed “Room 104” -serves as a place to detain, question, and sometimes collect fines from suspected shoplifters.


Strange as it may seem, there are some benefits to having this room

A recent survey by the Avon Foundation, an initiative designed to expose and shed light on the realities of domestic violence in the U.S. while increasing education, awareness, and prevention, shows that a staggering 60% of Americans know a victim of domestic violence. The survey, titled No More Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Survey of Attitudes and Experiences of Teens and Adults, was intended to highlight the lack of

On June 13, Colorado’s Chief Parole Offer, Tim Hand, was fired after the murder of the state’s corrections chief Tom Clements. The chief suspect in the murder is parolee Spencer Ebel, a white supremacist gang member who was released from prison early due to a clerical error. Prison officials reported that at first, Ebel was a model parolee, reporting every day and remaining in the area. He even called in