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Rarely does a week go by when a story does not arise in the media about someone being arrested on criminal sex or indecency charges. Whether the District Attorney has charged a defendant because of forensic interview with the victims or because a concerned parent has brought forth allegations, it seems that the Denver area is not immune from the accusations of sexual abuse or misconduct that plague the rest

There can be a knee-jerk type of reaction caused when coming across a story in the news media of another accident, injury, or fatality caused by a drunk driver. It can cause many Colorado residents to shake their heads and wish that we could just lock up all drunk drivers and forego any need for Colorado DUI lawyers. However, such a reaction usually gives way to more reasoned thinking

A recent kerfuffle within the Colorado Bureau of Investigations regarding the flagging of medical marijuana patients within criminal databases has been resolved by a spokesperson from the Department of Public Health and Environment. Mark Salley has clarified that patients will not be automatically pre-flagged within the database as had been erroneously suggested. The clarification laid to rest the confidentiality concerns of many a defense attorney in the Denver area, as

The Denver Post recently reported that the descriptions of criminal suspects that are provided by witnesses have been routinely overwritten to correspond to descriptions of suspects that have been taken into custody. The story, based on the testimony of a Denver detective, is understandably a cause of concern for more than one Denver defense lawyer and the clients they represent.


Denver defense lawyers are in agreement that the flaws

A dog owner faces criminal charges stemming from a televised news interview gone awry. It is unclear whether the owner has retained a Denver criminal defense attorney at this point. However, Reuters reported last month that Michael Robinson was appearing on Denver TV with his Argentine Mastiff, Gladiator Maximus, otherwise known as Max, when the dog bit the anchor in the face after she knelt down to caress and kiss