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For many people, pulling pranks like streaking or going skinny dipping is normalized by television and movies – where the police are rarely involved. But in reality, exposing yourself in a public place is against the law and could be considered indecent exposure in Colorado.

How does Colorado define indecent exposure, and how much legal trouble can you really get into for it? Read on to find out.

Indecent Exposure

Most people understand the basics of laws surrounding driving under the influence (DUI) in Colorado. However, it’s a good idea for those who operate a vehicle on Colorado roads to know all the laws in the state that can influence the outcome of a DUI case.

Are you surprised that there may be more than one law that can impact your case? Many people are. That’s why it’s always a

It is unfortunate that there is a nationwide crisis involving prescription drugs in the United States, something that has reached into communities across Colorado, as well. Prosecutors are attempting to crack down on certain crimes involving prescription drugs, like prescription fraud.

There’s a lot to understand about prescription fraud in Colorado since it’s a crime that reaches beyond simple medical providers and into the lives of everyday Coloradans. Here’s what

Children are sometimes the unfortunate witnesses to events that include domestic violence between people in their households or their families. While it may not seem like this has an impact on a child, that’s really not the case.

Children are deeply impacted by domestic violence. They can be victims of it themselves or witness it happening to others. There are many side effects that can result from this, and it’s

Back in July of 2021, Colorado’s Governor signed SB 88 into law. Also known as the Child Sexual Abuse Accountability Act, this new bill is a game-changer for victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Under SB88, child sexual abuse survivors now have a new window under which to bring charges of child sexual abuse against a person. With this new law taking effect on the first day of 2022, there’s a