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Fentanyl is a drug that almost everyone has heard about by now, not only because of what it does for patients that need pain relief – but for how it is impacting the lives of those who buy drugs on the street.

A man from Colorado Springs was indicted for distributing fentanyl. Through his distribution, at least one death from this dangerous substance occurred. He is facing up to life

Being a convicted sex offender in Colorado is a difficult road – made even more difficult by one thing: indeterminate sentencing.

Recently, a court upheld a convicted sex offender’s indeterminate sentencing as constitutional, meaning that his sentence for first-degree sexual assault that has gone beyond the determinate sentence is not a violation of his rights.

What is an indeterminate sentence? Is it something someone accused of sex crimes in Colorado

When someone is in crisis, there are usually clear signals that something is wrong. Those closest to the person in crisis are usually the first to notice these signs, but they often have too few tools at their disposal to do anything about it. Enter Colorado’s Red Flag law.

Sometimes it’s necessary to take firearms out of the hands of someone who would use them against another or themselves. In

When you commit crimes of violence against someone with whom you have been or are currently in an intimate relationship, it’s called domestic violence. What many people don’t realize, however, is what that actually means according to Colorado law.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about domestic violence charges in our state, including how it is legally defined and what can happen