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Criminal trespassing makes for interesting law. There are several degrees of trespassing that can be perpetrated, and the penalties increase for a variety of reasons, such as the intent of the person who trespassed.

A man in Russell County was arrested for trespassing and theft. While he has only been charged with first-degree criminal trespass, the case highlights how simply trespassing is one thing, but doing so to commit a

Being arrested for sexual assault can be a frightening experience. And if you’re convicted, the stress of understanding what can happen to you can be even worse.

In Colorado, there are sexual assault laws with a variety of penalties, some more serious than others. If convicted, you may face being labeled a sex offender for the rest of your life. You can end up in jail, on parole, or on

If you’re arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence in Colorado, you need to be aware of the many complex aspects that comprise how the law works in this state. Charges, sentencing, and punishment can be complex. It will behoove you to understand your role in the process.

Here is what you need to know about laws and penalties for DUIs in Colorado. We’ll address “express consent” as it

The high crime of embezzlement garners serious penalties. Usually, those consequences deter enough people from perpetrating this crime, but for some, the temptation of money overpowers their will to abide by the law.

A Colorado school technology director was fired after accusations of embezzling over $400,000 from the school district. It’s believed he used the school’s credit cards for his own personal travel and expenses. He now faces criminal theft