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Small towns have a lot of work to handle. From supplying licenses and permits to keeping track of local tax information, the electronic flow of information is what keeps the town running smoothly these days.

That’s also what makes small towns such a tempting target for cybercriminals, and recently, the town of Lafayette, Colorado, fell victim.

Lafayette, CO Paid Cyberattackers’ Ransom

Their entire database was encrypted and held hostage. In

If you are charged with a crime, you need a strong defense. In order to have a strong defense, you have to fully understand the definition of the charges you are facing.

Most charges are straightforward: DUI, theft, etc. What about “criminal mischief,” though? What does that mean?

The answer varies from state to state. “Criminal mischief” in Colorado may look different than “criminal mischief” in Pennsylvania. If you have

Having a criminal record can permanently affect your life. Many businesses will avoid hiring people with criminal records. Landlords may not rent to you. As long as you have a criminal record, your options in life can be quite limited.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Recent legislation in Colorado has significantly expanded the pool of people eligible to have their criminal records sealed. This can help you

Sometimes referred to as a restraining order or protective order, a protection order is designed to protect a victim from a defendant’s threats or actions.

Usually, courts issue protection orders to prevent the protected person from domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, threats, or intimidation.

When you have a protective order against you, though, it can prohibit you from performing certain actions involving the protected person. In Colorado, a protective order