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Protests have sprung up in cities around the United States, and even around the world, in response to the death of George Floyd.

These protests have largely remained peaceful, though some of them have unfortunately spiraled out of control. This has been used by police around the country as a pretext for arresting protestors and shutting down rallies. Too often, this has been accomplished through violent means.

As a protestor,

In February of 2020, a law was proposed in Colorado that would eliminate bench warrants for defendants who failed to make their court appearance. Known as the “Grace Period” bill, it would have granted a 72-hour window to appear in court after failing to show for the initial court date.

According to CBSN Denver, that bill is now indefinitely postponed, so there is no grace period for bench warrants in

Charges in Denver for drug distribution can carry some serious penalties. Those faced with these charges face the prospect of lengthy prison terms and massive fines and legal fees.

There is hope for those currently facing Denver drug distribution charges, however. A new Colorado law will soon remove felony-level penalties from certain drug possession charges.

Note, this new bill doesn’t change current laws regulating distribution. Those facing possession with the

After two months of being stuck inside, a walk around a state park sounds heavenly. A camping trip might as well be a luxurious vacation. You can take that vacation as early as this weekend, now that Colorado’s state parks are starting to open up campgrounds again. Be cautious, though – not all facilities will be accessible.

We know how frustrating it is to keep your kids away from playgrounds