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Since going completely legal in 2014, marijuana use in Colorado has risen dramatically. Despite lifts on restrictions, however, there are still laws surrounding the use of cannabis and its related substances.

Many of these laws reference the business side of the “budding” industry. They dictate where shops can be open, what they can sell, etc. There are also a number of laws that put in place restrictions on the actual

We all want less crime in Denver. According to a recent report, we might be doing something right. Denver’s Burglary: Forced Entry 2020 Crime Report was published at the end of January.

It includes details about where burglaries (or forced entries) took place, dates, and times. You can also view a full list of burglaries that took place within Denver.

The highlight of this report is that Denver is experiencing


Snow and fire hazards are two ideas that don’t immediately connect in people’s minds. However, the snowy season can be just as dangerous as dry summer months when it comes to campfires.


If you are planning on doing some camping before the snow melts this year, or if you are burning debris, it’s important to understand what is still considered winter fire safety. Failure to properly contain your


There are a number of ways your license can be revoked. Get caught driving under the influence or without insurance or commit certain other infractions, and it’s gone (temporarily at least).


In fact, this is often one of the most detrimental consequences of a brush with the law. How do you keep your job if you can’t get to work? How will your children get school?




Colorado is leading the charge when it comes to “defelonizing” the possession of certain controlled substances in the United States.


The most recent efforts include Jared Polis, Colorado’s Governor, signing House Bill 19-1263 into law. The goal of this law is to help reduce rates of incarceration related to minor drug offenses.


It is also intended to help those who are addicted to drugs get the help