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While Colorado continues to pioneer the legalization of cannabis and cannabis products across the US, the industry isn’t without bounds, and the land is far from lawless. One aspect that isn’t lax is the regulations surrounding the trafficking of legally cultivated weed in Colorado, and the specific licensing to do so.


With proper permitting, for instance, you may initially grow up to six cannabis plants to supply your


January not only brings a new year but a new tax season as well. For most individuals, tax season is exciting, as we await yet another generous tax refund. For small business owners, however, tax season can be frustrating or downright scary.


There’s a lot to keep in order when it comes to filing a business tax return, especially when you’re an employer. The IRS can come down


The common image of identity theft is dramatic. A savvy computer hacker gets someone’s information out of a secure database, maybe, and wracks up hundreds of thousands in debt. That’s what identity theft means in the movies, after all.


In real life, identity theft is more complex. Colorado is the second most at-risk state in the US for identity theft. There are many crimes that are considered identity


During New Year’s Eve, it’s easy to get caught up in celebration. Everyone is having a good time and drinking more than they normally do. It’s easy to do the same!


That said, law enforcement officials are aware that people tend to let loose this time of year, and they take measures to crack down on people driving illegally.


If you were caught in Colorado’s annual New


The holidays are a great time to reconnect with your family and to give kids that much-needed break from school. Unfortunately, most parents don’t get a break from their work schedules — at least not as long as school holidays. That leaves a lot of kids unsupervised…and bored.


This scheduling difference can, and often does, keep Colorado police stations busy over the break. While most juvenile crimes committed