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One of the most devastating consequences of a brush with the law which remains with you long after your case is closed is having a criminal record. A criminal record can affect nearly every aspect of your life, including employment, housing, and higher education.


Some offenders find relief in the form of criminal record sealing. This is when the court seals your record from public view, such that


Some attention can feel flattering, even when it’s unsolicited. However, there’s a point where unwanted attention begins to feel threatening. This is commonly referred to as stalking.


Colorado has tougher stalking sentencing and penalties than many other states. These laws have been put into place to protect stalking victims from serious bodily harm or death, and a stalking conviction has severe criminal consequences.


Below, we’re going to


Being placed under arrest is a frightening and often traumatic experience. Still, what you do next can dramatically affect your criminal proceedings.


It is important to know what to do ahead of time so that you can remain cool under pressure and maximize your chance of a favorable outcome.


We’ve provided a guide covering what you should do — and what you shouldn’t — once you’ve been


Any time stakes are high, there’s a potential for bribery, and for many parents, nothing is more important than getting their kids into a first-rate school. Take the recent high-profile case ensnared 32 parents, including celebrities Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, for bribing their childrens’ ways into elite schools. 


Among the accused is an Aspen family. According to court documents, the family is accused of paying $125,000 to


The original BackPage site was seized more than a year ago by federal law enforcement. Still, that hasn’t spelled the end for Colorado’s online sex trade.


In fact, a Denver-market BackPage alternative,, surfaced quickly and continues to thrive today. Denver’s sex workers claim the original Backpage actually provided a level of safety traditional avenues of the practice simply can’t, so hopefully, this replacement does the same.