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A person who uses threats or physical actions to intentionally cause or attempt to cause fear of imminent serious bodily harm or injury in another person in Colorado is said to have committed a crime of menacing, or battery. In other words, menacing is a crime of making criminal threats.


Menacing is closely related to, but different from assault. The two crimes are nonetheless frequently charged together in


Have you heard the story?


Vonnie Flores was stalked by her neighbor, Anthony Medina, for five years.


Medina would follow Flores when she rode her bike, went for a walk, or went to the store. He made inappropriate advances towards her, and told her he wanted to be in a relationship. Flores’s husband built an 8-foot fence between their homes, but it did little to stop Medina.


Maybe you served your time and just wanted to move on. Or perhaps you beat your charges and didn’t want to deal with more legal nonsense.


Whatever your reason, you decided to put off getting your record sealed or expunged.


Bad idea.


Why? Because even if you have put the past behind you, if you’re lugging around a criminal record, others won’t see it that way,


A number of crimes can be prosecuted at either the state or federal level, depending on the circumstances of the alleged offense and the discretion of federal prosecutors. The level at which you are charged is very important, since federal prosecution generally carries much more severe penalties, and crimes tend to be defined more stringently.


However, child abuse is a bit unique in this regard.


How so?